Our Staff Members

At the heart of our program, there are specially trained teachers in Early Childhood Education to guide and encourage your child through their day. Early Horizons’ teachers are chosen not only for their experience and training, but also for their warmth and enthusiasm. Our teachers respect each child’s need to experience the joy and challenge of doing things themselves; these experiences are what help children excel, and ultimately that is our mission here at Early Horizons. 

Early Horizons' Directors

Kylee Nguyen, she/her

Hello everyone! My name is Kylee and I began working as a substitute teacher here at Early Horizons Preschool in 2005. As I pursued my education in the ECE field, I began to move up in the ranks and now sit as one of the Directors of EH. 

I hold a bachelor's degree in Sociology with a minor in Education from Santa Clara University and hope to one day continue my education with a master's degree in Education. 

I started at EH as a young adult and young mom with two small children. My children went through every classroom here at EH, and through them, I have realized the early education and nurturing of young children is my passion. I have since had one other child and he has progressed through every classroom too, and is currently enjoying our School Age program. 

In my free time I love spending time with my family, all my animals at home, reading and napping. A good book and a cat on my lap is pure joy. 

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about me! 

Nito Labrador, he/him

Hello! My name is Antonio (NIto) Labrador and I have been at Early Horizons since Y2K (2000). I am one of the Directors here and I absolutely enjoy making connections with our parents and being a part of helping build their child's foundations, which will shape their future lives and our future society. It's inspiring to be around a team of people (our staff) that have so much passion and dedication to making a difference in the lives of the children that attend Early Horizons.

I hold a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Nutrition and Food Science, as well as all numerous additional courses in Early Childhood Education (ECE). I hope to further make a positive impact in our society by opening up multiple nature-based child development centers where parents have a safe, fun, and educational environment to  send their children - like Early Horizons.

I have a passion and connection with the ocean and love being in nature, and love spending my time surfing - been doing it since I was 9 years-old. My goal, and ultimate dream, is to share this surfing passion with my daughter and go surfing with her around the world.

Stefanie Alamo, she/her

Hello, my name is Stefanie, and I have been with Early Horizons since 2015. I started out as a substitute teacher at Early Horizons, kind of unsure of what I wanted to do or be when I "grew up." I quickly fell in love with the work EH does as my time here went on.

My passion of working with children stems from the environment Early Horizons provides to the community. As a former foster child, the nurturing and loving demeanor that the entire staff here provides to children is a dream to me, and I absolutely would love to pursue furthering that deeper into the community to help generate a better future for all.

Besides being a fully qualified teacher and director, I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and after finishing, I plan to continue my education in Early Childhood.

Being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, and godmother keeps me occupied in my spare time. <33

Additional Admin & Office Staff

Kaysia, she/her
Office Assistant

My name is Kaysia, and I have been working in early education since 2020, and started my professional career with Early Horizons! A fun fact about me is that I actually started working in the office at 8 years old! My mom, Kylee, who is a Director here, started her own career at EH and brought me as an infant. Once I outgrew the programs here, I became my mom's unofficial 'office assistant'. When the pandemic struck, I picked up more hours after school, and am now a full-time employee, and her official assistant. 

I am currently enrolled at De Anza to obtain my associates degree in Real Estate and I plan to get my bachelor's degree in Marketing shortly after. 

What I've learned since being with Early Horizons is that working with children is very rewarding. Seeing them master different skills brings a smile to my face, especially when they take a liking to me.  

In my free time I love hanging out with my girls, and we really enjoy hiking. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, especially when we do any outdoor activities. I am excited to be here and get to know each and everyone of you!  

Maintence & Groundskeeper 

Jr. Maintenance (on-call)

Jr. Office Assistant

The Infant Team

Crystal, she/her
Infant 1 Coordinator

My name is Crystal Cheung, I have been working at EH since 2011. I love working with children, seeing them learn and grow everyday is the best reward from my job. Especially working with infants and toddlers, seeing them from crawling to walking, from babbling to talking. My career goal is to have my own childcare business one day. 

I have a family of 4, me, my husband and two children. My husband is a CPA, very busy during tax season, but he always finds time to spend with us on the weekend. My first child was born in July 2017, Cyrus, he's shy but very active. My second child was born in May 2021, Summer, she’s little but very talkative. We like to visit parks and farmer markets on the weekend. 

Dominique, she/her
Infant Teacher

My name is Dominique, and I have been working with children for eleven years, and working with all ages. I have my AS-T in Early Childhood Education from Cabrillo College; with a certificate of achievement in working with cultural diversity, as well as, my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Arizona State University (graduated May 2021). 

My experience in working with children consists of being a camp counselor, assistant director, nannying, child development specialist and a kindergarten instructional aid for a private school. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz and I still currently live in Santa Cruz. When I have free time I like to spend it at the gym, but that comes after I do my mom duties. I have a son named Leven(born August 2021) and a pitbull/boxer named Nala. In my free time I like to spend time with my fiance and my son, as well as with my family. I also enjoy going on walks on West Cliff. 

I love working with children because each child is creative and intelligent in their own way, and being able to help guide their creativity and intelligence is an amazing experience. 

Jennie, she/her
Infant Teacher

Hello, my  name is Jennie Soto. I’ve been working with children since 2020, but been here at EH since 2022. My love for children grew when I started to help my mom at her home daycare so once I was able to, I started working in childcare. I love working with all age groups but infants have a really close place in my heart. 

While one of my passions is working with children I also attend De Anza Community College where I’m majoring in psychology to hopefully one day be a child psychologist. 

In my free time I enjoy art such as painting, doing my makeup & skincare, just taking care of myself. I love to spend most of my time with my mom who is my #1 supporter and best friend as well as my little dog, Precious. All in all, I can’t imagine myself working in another area besides childcare; it’s truly a blessing getting to see children grow and knowing I can help them do that in such positive ways.  

Brisa, she/her
Infant Teacher

Hi! My name is Brisa, and I joined Early Horizons April of 2023. I absolutely love being a teacher at Early Horizons because I look forward to seeing the children, parents and my colleagues everyday.

I have professionally worked in education since the beginning of this year. I have always wanted to work with children but didn’t know exactly in what area. Prior to joining EH I worked as an ABA therapist with children, and although I loved it, I knew it wasn’t the field I wanted to stay in. That is when I found EH and they have given me the amazing opportunity to work with amazing children and colleagues everyday. 

I am currently attending Evergreen Valley College where I obtained my Associate’s Degree in Social Justice Ethnic Studies in May 2023 and am currently furthering my education and pursuing to obtain my Associate’s Degree in Child Development. I also hope to one day be able to pursue my education in the Sonographer field! Until then, I hope to be an Elementary teacher but until that time comes I’m enjoying my time at EH!

I love working with children because I can see their growth and be a part of their journey. The best thing to witness is children reaching new milestones, and being able to see their unique personalities. 

When I’m not working at Early Horizons, I love to spend time with my family and boyfriend. I also love to bake when I have the time, and hang with friends, attend concerts and have mini getaway trips. 

Lorena, she/her

Kristen, she/her

Luz, she/her

The Toddler Team

Debbie, she/her
Toddler 1 Coordinator

Hi my name is Debbie, and I have been working at Early Horizons since 2004! 

When I first got hired here, I had no Idea EH would be my forever job! Some of my favorite things about my job is watching the kids grow from the time they enroll until the time they leave. I also love that I learn new things everyday, there's always something fun going on, and the kids keep a smile on my face.

In my spare time I enjoy planting flowers, pulling weeds and tending to all my plants, puzzles and making jewerly. I hope my future holds many more years at EH. 

Evelia, she/her
Preschool 2 Coordinator

Hello! My name is Evelia and I work in the Preschool 2 classroom here at Early Horizons. I started working at EH in 2022 and since then I have grown and learned so much in my career and met many amazing people! I've been working in early childhood education since 2017, starting as a student teacher in the preschool lab at Mission College. Since then, I have learned so much about being an educator and role model and I apply what I've learned through the years in my work here at Early Horizons.

In the future, I plan to pursue a Masters degree in Child Development. I also hope to run my own childcare center one day. For now, I look forward to being a Preschool Coordinator for many more years to come.

I love working with children because they express so much genuine wonder and curiosity for the world. I am passionate about creating opportunities for them to expand their curiosity and understanding of the world. 

When I'm not working at EH, I like to go out to eat, watch movies, listen to music, and go to the beach! Some of my hobbies include singing, dancing, doing puzzles, and going on hikes. I also love spending time with my friends and family. Thank you for getting to know me!

Christie, she/her
Toddler Teacher

Hello! My name is Christie Farnum and I have been working at EH since January 1995. 

I went to University of Mississippi and DeAnza College earning ECE units towards my career. I was also my nephew’s nanny during some high school years and worked in Monterey at a preschool for a couple of years. I have also been to many seminars to learn more in Early Childhood Education. 

I love working with children because they bring me joy inside, so many smiles and am so thankful I enjoy what I do. Blessed to have the energy and happiness everyday.

Some things I like to do in my spare time is visiting with family, my grandchildren, and playing with my puppies. I also absolutely love to dance, play racquetball and ping pong and like watching football.

Hope, she/her
Toddler Teacher
My name is Hope Olson. I have been working at Early Horizons since 2018. I started my Early Education in 2017 to work on getting my certificates and just graduated Foothill College. I love working at Early Horizons. Hopefully I stay here for a while. 

I love working with children because I love to see them grow and learn. I have a twin sister, Ciera, who is my best friend. In my free time I like hanging out with my friends and family, camping, going to the lake, and especially Disneyland. Thank you for letting me be a part of your childrens’ first school experience.

Andreina, she/her
Toddler Teacher
Hi! My name is Andreina Meza. I have been working at Early Horizons since October 2022. My greatest aspiration right now is to become a better authentic model for children, to enjoy the hardship, and keep getting educated. 

In my spare time, I love to spend it at the gym or on hiking trails with a view. I love spending time with my family and boyfriend by watching movies and exploring new places. I am Mexican, raised in San Jose California, and I am a DACA student. I earned my associates degree in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at De Anza College. Currently, I am in the process of pursuing my bachelors degree in psychology at San Jose State University. 

I have worked with children since 2016, from infants to high school students, including children with autism as a Behavioral Therapist. The more I worked with children, the more I loved it! It opened my perspectives in life and in people, which taught me to never look down on my own learning because that is what has made me the person I am now. 

Children are the future and helping them grow is my passion, they will attain their greatest potential and be their own identity with comfort and love.

Victoria, she/her
Toddler Teacher

Hi!! My name is Victoria and I’ve been with EH since 2023, I love being a teacher at Early Horizons because since day one everyone has been so welcoming and nice to me and I absolutely love being around the kids. It brings me so much joy and every day I know its going to be amazing because I get to see and be part of the kids growth and development. I like to think that even though we’re the teachers, they also teach us new things every day and that’s just so amazing to me… Plus, I get to work with amazing people at the same time!

I’ve been working with kids since 2016 by volunteering at church and staying after school to help out the younger classes with projects, and I also helped teach English classes to all ages in a nonprofit organization back in El Salvador - which is where I’m from. Right now, I’m working on getting my degree in Child Development, and hopefully I can be part of EH for many years! 

In my free time I enjoy going to the gym or going on cute, little walks, hanging out with my friends and family, baking or cooking for my family, or going to concerts and little weekend trips! 

Isaiah, he/him
Toddler Teacher

Hello! My name is Isaiah, and I've been working at EH since 2023! Although this is my first experience professionally working with kids, I've spent the majority of my life taking care of younger siblings and family, as I am the oldest of 6 and have many younger relatives. I am proud to be considered a role model for them. 

I love working here at EH because I get the opportunity to help and support the children in their development and watch them grow up! 

I am currently pursuing education in the ECE  field. However my major is Computer Science and I have been working on that for the last 2 years. I look forward to continue working at EH as I also work towards a computer science degree and education in ECE! 

In my free time, I love going to the gym either on my own or with friends. I also like reading, listening to lots of music, spending time with family or friends, or going out for a drive somewhere! I'm excited to continue working here and build friendships with everyone!

Jenni D., she/her

Iris, she/her

The Preschool Team

Lupe, she/her
Preschool 1 Coordinator

Hello, my name is Lupe. I have been working at Early Horizons since 2001, and I have 28 years of experience working with children from infants to school age.

The best part of being a teacher is building relationships with the children and watching them learn and grow. They make me smile every day. I feel that getting to work with 2-year-olds is so much fun. They are caring, loving and I enjoy every hug that I receive from them. I also plan on pursuing my degree in Early Childhood Development.

I enjoy spending time with my family and catching up on my favorite shows in my spare time. I am very excited to be part of this wonderful Early Horizons Team.

Naomi, she/her
Preschool Coordinator

Thu, she/her
Preschool Teacher

Hi! My name is Thu Dai. I have an A.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education and have been working in education since 1983. I started at EH in 2013, and am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing admins and friendly teachers. I enjoy Teaching and being around children very much, especially since I get to see their development over time. 

In my free time, I like to read books, garden, and spend time with my family. 

Yocelyn, she/her

Ana, she/her
Preschool Teacher

Megan, she/her
Preschool Teacher

Adilene, she/her

Faiupu, she/her
Preschool Teacher

The Pre-K Team

Jasmine, she/her
Pre-K 2 Coordinator

Hello Everyone! My name is Jasmine and I have been working at EH since 2019, and it has been such an amazing experience working here. I started my career path in 2012 working at an after school program while pursuing my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. During my schooling years I have attended Seminars, Workshops & Trainings to further my knowledge and incorporate them into my weekly lesson plans. My future goals is to pursue my Masters in education and then open up my own Home Childcare Center. 

I love to create teachable moments that the children will take with them into Kinder and in life. Its more than just the academics for me, its about the child as a whole with all their flaws, unique personalities & their feelings put together. I love to see children's growth in their own abilities, learn to be confident in themselves and to share love and kindness to others. 

When I’m not working I am usually spending time at home with my dog & fiancé watching movies, but on the weekends I spend most of my time seeing my friends & family, attending food festivals, hiking and car shows.  

I Hope to see you at EH very soon! 

Liz, she/her
Pre-K 1 Coordinator


My name is Elizabeth Vasquez and 

I started at EH in 2020.  I found EH at a perfect time in my life. I had recently moved to the Bay Area and wanted to grow in the child development field. 

I had previously worked at my mothers daycare home in the valley so it was a really big change for me! I have gained so much experience at EH, and I hope to soon open up my own daycare home in the near future. 

My love of working with kids has grown too. Id like to think I’m making a small difference in this world teaching. Not only am I a Teacher/Coordinator at EH but I’m also a staff mom! My son, Julian goes to EH and he loves it. 

Some of my favorite things to do is go hiking and travel with my toddler. If it’s something I’ve learned at EH is that kids can do so much more than we think! 

Cindy, she/her
Pre-K Teacher

Greetings and Salutations. My name is Ms Cindy and I have worked at Early Horizons since July 2021. It has been a great experience. The community of teachers, staff, and families here makes it a joy to come to work each day. Communication is the key to any successful endeavor, and here at EH they strive to make sure everyone is in the loop. 

I have been a pre-K teacher for about 20 years. I love the age group. They are stretching their wings and pushing on boundaries. They have questions and a curiosity about the world around them while still wanting to give the occasional cuddle. I have a Child Development Associate and over the years I have been sloooowly working on my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. 

In my off time I volunteer with a couple different Masonic organizations. Two these organizations support and help raise money for the Shrine Hospitals. Another organization I work with is called the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. This is a service organization for girls between 11-20 that teaches life skills such as public speaking, organizational skill, fundraising and the importance of community service. Most importantly it teaches them to support and lift each other up. 

Matthew, he/him
Pre-K Teacher

Hello, my name is Matthew Xayavong. You can call me Mr. Matthew or Mr. Matty. I started working at Early Horizons since early 2022. I started working in child education since 2017. I first started off volunteering as a cabin leader for science camp and after that I started working at Early Horizons. 

One of my future plans is to work at a Physical Education program at a elementary school. I really like being active and being involved in sports such as football, basketball or volleyball. My educational goal is to obtain a Bachelor's degree in childhood development. 

I love working with kids because everyday is a day to learn something new. Not everyday will be the same but everyday a lesson will be learned. Also helping them learn and develop fine motor skills makes me happy. When I’m not at Early Horizons, I like to be out in nature, working out at home in my backyard or even hanging with the family drinking boba milk tea. 

Thanks for listening to my bio and I hope to teach your child one day!  

Stephen, he/him
Pre-K Teacher

Hello, my name is Stephen and I have been working at Early Horizons since May 2022. Working at EH for the past year has been an awesome experience, and I have made so many memories with my fellow teachers and students. EH gave me my first chance as a preschool teacher and it has been a blast so far! I have been working in education for the past couple years, but I have been working with kids for most of my life, as I have 4 younger brothers that I helped raise. I have been studying Early Childhood Education for the last few years at De Anza College and West Valley College intermittently while working.

Helping raise my younger brothers helped me realize how much I enjoy working with kids, and I came to realize that being a positive male role model in children’s life is something I have felt called to do. I was born and raised in Oregon, but moved to the bay area in 2010 and have lived here ever since. One of my main passions along with education is music! I have been playing guitar, writing and performing my own music for the last decade or so. I have been in a band with two of my best friends and we have released two albums together. I also love spending time with family, going out with friends, reading and watching movies.

Michelle, she/her
Pre-K Teacher

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I recently joined the Early Horizons team! I’m super excited to be working alongside such an incredible team and with such awesome students! I recently graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors in Sociology, and I’ve always had a passion for working with children through things like coaching, tutoring, childcare, and spending my summers as a camp counselor. I aspire to be a positive and uplifting role model, mentor, and support system for students just like the ones I was fortunate enough to have in my own educational experience. I hope to give back to my community one day through providing resources and counseling to underserved school districts and uplift students and their capabilities/talents.

In my free time I enjoy singing and songwriting, reading, and spending time with my loved ones!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, and I hope to learn more about you if we ever get the opportunity to meet someday! 

Shanaya, she/her

Deepali, she/her

The School Age Team

Abby, she/her
School Age Coordinator

Hello! I'm Abby, and I started working at Early Horizons in 2014. After graduating from San Jose State University, I was thrilled to finally start my journey as an early childhood educator. Year after year, my love for EH grew as I was able to connect with the adventurous children, awesome parents, & supportive staff members. 

The best thing I love about working with children is being able to learn more about them as an individual. EH gives everyone the opportunity to be who they are without any limitations which is why I love being a part of this team.

During my spare time I enjoy catching up with family and friends, listening to music, traveling, and trying out different kinds of food. 

Early Horizons has been my second home, and I'm looking forward to meeting more families in the years to come.

Chris,  he/him
School Age Teacher

I’m Mr. Chris, and I started at Early Horizons in 2022 as a School-Age teacher. I’ve been teaching and coaching since 16, starting as a gymnastics coach, then high school football coach, and now educator at Early Horizons. I also work for the Santa Clara Unified School District as a Adapted PE paraeducator of Special Education.

I am currently in school working towards a BA and teaching credential, looking to become a fully accredited teacher.

I love working with children because of their energy, joy, and enthusiasm. Being outside and getting to be active and create fun exciting activities is a dream come true. 

In my free time I enjoy walking my dog, Jaxon, playing guitar, and going to the beach.

Josh, he/him
School Age Teacher

Hello! My name is Joshua Luna and I recently joined Team EH as of 2023! I already love it, and I haven’t even experienced everything yet. Early Horizons offers such a relaxing environment while also teaching children about the outdoors & themselves! Everyone is so amazing and so encouraging which allows me to be comfortable with what I do. I always loved being around the kiddos and just seeing them grow up each day. I guarantee EH will make my love for them grow even more! 

I’ve been enrolled into West Valley College since 2022 trying to get my associates degree in Architecture and I was offered a position at Early Horizons for the summer which I gladly took. I want to finish my undergraduate education in the near future all while working at EH! 

When I have free time I love to be outside, spending time with my family & friends and my girlfriend. I also like to play any type of sports, and I enjoy shopping! There are a lot more things I love to do but those are my top ones. Any who, I can’t wait what Early Horizons has to offer in the future and I’m so excited to see & grow an amazing friendship with everyone! 

Alina, she/her
School Age Teacher

Hello ! My name is Alina, and I’ve been with Early Horizons since 2023. I love working with Team EH because the rest of the teachers are like family to me and I get to meet all kinds of great personalities. I have always known that I wanted to get into child care, and the environment at Early Horizons has only encouraged my decision. 

I am starting my career in Early Education working at De Anza College’s CDC program in 2023, where I am taking my CD courses. I am aiming to get my Associate’s degree in Early Education. I wanted to work at Early Horizons because I use to be a student when I was a kid. I have so many good memories from when I attended and that’s what made me want to get into child care. I’m very happy to be with the team and I hope to be here in the long run. 

When I’m not working at Early Horizons, I love to go to the gym, spend time with my family, and attending concerts where I always have a blast. Anyways, I can’t wait to see what the future at Early Horizons brings me, and if I haven’t already, I can’t wait to meet all of you ! 

Our Amazing Substitutes

Justine, she/her

Hannah, she/her

Hello. My name is Hannah. I am super excited to begin my adventure here! My past experience includes working with children on the autism spectrum for about 3 years. I helped them with academic, occupational and communication/social goals, and managing behaviors. 

I have a passion for working with children. I love being able to influence their development in a positive way to help them thrive in the future. I have completed a few ECE units, and I am looking forward to learning so much more. 

I am currently waiting to start the nursing program at De Anza College. I have aspired to be a nurse for almost 10 years now. I want to specialize in working with premature babies in the NICU. I am looking forward to helping care for children and grow my experience while waiting to pursue my career path.

Autumn, she/her

Yazy, she/her

Kedy, she/her

Tiffany, she/her

Meet the Directors

Kylee Nguyen is one our fantastic Center Directors. Kylee started at Early Horizons in 2005 as a substitute teacher and quickly became a fulltime teacher in our Toddler program. In 2009, Kylee became EH's Center Director. She holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and enjoys taking professional development courses and reading new books to ensure she's up to date on the latest Child Development studies and best practices. 

Nito Labrador has now been at Early Horizons over 25 years and is excited for his future with the preschool. He started his career as a substitute teacher in 1999, and he became a director in 2010 alongside Kylee. You'll see his friendly face around the campus doing tours and helping new families enroll. Nito holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Nutrition and Food Science. He also has over 24 Early Childhood Education units and continues to take Child Development courses over time. 

Lastly, Stefanie Alamo has been working around the preschool since 2015, as a substitute, a 2 and 3 year old teacher, and now as an Center Director. Stefanie handles the day to day operations alongside Kylee and Nito. She is currently enrolled at WGU to finish her degree in Business Administration, Management, and is also a fully qualified teacher & site supervisor.

Join the team!

Interested in working for Early Horizons? We'd love to hear from you! Please submit an inquiry here!