Early Horizons Preschool

embracing children and families in a safe, diverse environment where children excel physically, socially and cognitively through hands-on learning since 1984.

Our Philosophy

Early Horizons believes in hands-on learning in all areas of curriculum. Children learn more from interacting with materials and the world around them, rather than from adults trying to explain concepts to them. Play is life for young children. Play enables children to learn through curiosity, invention, and persistence. Children’s attention span is surprisingly long when they are interested in what they are working on. Play allows children to master basic skills without pressure. Play encourages problem solving. Our role as caregivers is to set up an environment rich with materials that offer children the ability to play and learn. By interspersing adult directed activities with child initiated play we insure the development of the whole child.

Our Mission

Using play as the basis, we have created the LifeStart curriculum: a unique, developmental program that honors the whole child while providing developmentally appropriate activities for each age level. We have taken the latest in brain development research, combined it with classic early childhood methods such as Piaget, Montessori, and R.I.E., and incorporated the NAEYC standards to develop this wonderful curriculum.

(0-14 months)

(14-24 months)

(2-3.5 years)

3.5-5 years)

After School
5+ years)

Tuition Rates
(Full Days: 8am - 5pm)


Mon - Fri: $2700

Mon, Weds, Fri: $2530

Tues, Thurs: $2455


Mon - Fri: $1980

Mon, Weds, Fri: $1910

Tues, Thurs: $1730

After School*

Mon - Fri: $875

*Our After School School Age Program is currently providing pick-up transportation options from Nimitz Elementary, West Valley Elementary, Stocklmeir Elementary, Braly Elementary, and Pomeroy Elementary Schools for the 2021-2022 school year which is included in the After School fees listed above.

The above fees are billed monthly based on a calendar year. School closures are averages into the monthly fees. No additional credit will be refunded or prorated for days that you may miss. Part time schedules are not subject to flexibility due to sick days or school closures. Please see an administrator for additional information.