Early Horizons Preschool

Independently operated. Women & minority owned. Play based. Nature inspired.

Early education that embraces the whole child.

Our Philosophy

Early Horizons prioritizes nature-focused, hands-on learning, recognizing that children thrive by actively engaging with materials and their environment, fostering a holistic development through play and exploration. 

Our Mission

As a play based preschool, our goal is to embody certain qualities from three proven and well established teaching methods-Waldorf, Reggio Emelia and Montessori. Early Horizons applies the holistic and creative process used in the Waldorf teaching method, understands each child as a whole being as seen in the Reggio Emelia method, and at the same time gathers inspiration from the Montessori method by fostering an environment of independence.

Our Inclusivity Statement

At Early Horizons, we like to provide an inclusive environment for all. We pride ourselves in celebrating everything, from all holidays to social justice movements. We teach children to explore all parts of their world while educating them on becoming an accepting, loving, and caring individual. While you may think your child is too young to learn about certain topics, it's actually quite the opposite. Children are exposed to everyday life and the reality that comes with it when they overhear the adults around them talking, when they see the images on an adult’s phone, when they watch YouTube videos (yes, even on YouTubeKids!), when they see what you may be watching on the news, or even when simply observing others in their community.  At Early Horizons, we celebrate people’s differences and uniqueness, instead of learning to simply tolerate them or live colorblind. Here, children will learn that Love is Love and Black Lives Matter. They will learn that there is no reason anyone should go to bed hungry or not have the same rights as others because of how they identify or because they are a person of color. Children at Early Horizons will be educated on recognizing all history for what it really was, and still is. Our mission at Early Horizons is to provide a safe environment for all and help raise the future generations to become compassionate and loving leaders. 

2024 Tuition Rates


Mon - Fri: $3150

3 days: $2700

Half Day, 5 day/week: $2700

2 days: $2300


Mon - Fri: $2300

3 days: $2020 

Half Day, 5 day/week: $2020 

Tues, Thurs: $1820

After School*

Mon - Fri: $925

(0-14 months)

(14-24 months)

(2-3.5 years)

(3.5-5 years)

After School
(5+ years)

Early Horizons Preschool operates in compliance with The State of California's Community Care Licensing regulations - License #434417149.